The Boy With The Knee Tattoos (Patty Walters/Veeoneeye/Christian Novelli Fanfic

**NOT SLASH**When 22 year old Izy moves from her quiet house to London, she meets some very interesting people... (slow updates bc school n stuff)
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@mizz_ratchet PSHHH... Everytime I hear the name andy I think of the man that shares that name that follows with Biersack. 
Literally Everytime.
when I see the name Andy I think of Andy Leo from crown the empire and think but he's so nice!
Patty has read this!! :DD He says so in his video about his tattoos. I looked it up and omfg it's on wattpad, aka my life.
how much do you wanna bet that at LEAST 100 of these views are because he talked about this story in a video?
Dude... I just heard about you n the new Patty Walters video :3 and I was like OMG I have to search that fanfic! 
P.S I <3 Patty
Dude idk if you knew but Patty talked about your fan fic in his new tattoos video 

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