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Shannyeight By Shannyeight Updated 3 years ago
The son of a Navy official, Mitchell Hollister has now enrolled into Annapolis' Naval Academy himself...will he be able to stick to the "destined script" that others have envisioned for him, or will he follow his heart and pursue his "taboo-esque" relationship with his once longtime friend and obsession, budding collegiate artist Jassandra Mills? Will their racially curious union survive what life has in store for them?
bunhun66 bunhun66 19 hours ago
Damn why he gotta hate though , like cool it she ain't yours to fight over
bunhun66 bunhun66 19 hours ago
I hate how some people think they have a 'right' to call us this , like honestly grow up
Reverse racism doesn't exist. So even though being called a cracker may have hurt his feelings. It isn't systematically oppressive, as being called the N word is.
GreenRoots GreenRoots 2 months ago
Anyone else see Paul Walker (RIP) from the first Fast & Furious movies as Mitchell? And Bria Myles (with braids) as Jassandra? Or is it just me?
-Emoji- -Emoji- 3 months ago
we will find a cure for cancer, before white people find their lips