The son of a Navy official, Mitchell Hollister has now enrolled into Annapolis' Naval Academy himself...will he be able to stick to the "destined script" that others have envisioned for him, or will he follow his heart and pursue his "taboo-esque" relationship with his once longtime friend and obsession, budding collegiate artist Jassandra Mills? Will their racially curious union survive what life has in store for them?
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This is such a great story like i cant get enough this and Prime Meridian are really well weitten you are a very good writer
Lol, I live in Zimbabwe and my high school is called Arundel [High School]... Google it ;) 

Loving the book though
wow this is really good. Something different than the norm I read on here and I'm glad I picked it up.
Just a quick question! 
Is this a guy or girl writing this story? 
Just curious to know.
@Shannyeight It still turned out to be one of my favorite stories so you did a great job regardless
Are you freaking kidding me??? this story is extremely underrated. I loved it when i first read it and i love it now.

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