My Alpha Mate I Hate (Editing/rewriting. )

-"I will never be you'r anything!" i yell at Kyle, i see the pain flash in his eyes but i dont care , he cant treat me this way for years and then expect me to act like it never happened!- -Sophia is the only human at a school of werewolfs, and a outcast, and the soon to be Alpha hates her and makes her life hell. But what happens when he finds out she's his mate?? Can he ever make her feel the same?-
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Did you mean girls? Lol that's probably one of the best typos I've seen on Wattpad!! XD
If this was edited, not trying to be mean, i wonder how much errors you got on the first write.
I hate school, what  twisted freak decided to wake kids up at dawn to sit in a classroom
Hey not to be mean cuz this story is great but you need to reread your story. Anywho great story
oh yeah, you're a son of Venus who so full of yourself, Mr. All-must-bow-down-to-me.
your writing style is the most annoying thing ever. I hate the columns. Try to fix your sentences, and i would read it.

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