Under a Bad Moon

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HannahOfTheInternet By HannahOfTheInternet Updated 3 months ago
*Previously "Running with Wolves"* Veronica Blake has a problem. She's a pregnant  teen wolf with a mate she doesn't want.  
Austin Lynch was a player, but he made the mistake of gettiing drunk and mating with a girl he wanted nothing to do with. 
Both Veronica and Austin have to find a way to work together to try and mke their impossible relationship work so that she doesn't change on the full moon. With the full moon coming closer and threatening their baby's life, will they be able to put aside their differences to save a life?

***To be rewritten.Read at your own risk.***
I'm not sure if you'll ever see this comment, but I have to ask: how does one join a critique group? I'm curious as to what they are :)
Firstly, I absolutely adore your cover, who made it? And secondly, this was really catchy, even the blurb caught my eye and I'll read more once I get the chance. It sounds really good and those boys are idiots lol.
This was awesome. I saw the cover lverlaine made for you and I was like :O that looks like its going to be a good book. This is really good! I loved it haha :}
@PrincessofObsidian I have no idea actually... I'm just crazy! Heh heh, you can just ignore me...
>.< heh heh, I wanna kill her brother... Anyway awesome preface! On to the next chapter! :)
I love wolf story i am a freak about them since Jake from twilight  xD i know,i know but ...weeellll.... <333