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I'M CHANGING NOTHING OF J.K.ROWLING'S AMAZING WORLD - JUST READ TO FIND OUT!! Lacerta is not your average teenager. She's a sadistic, cruel person - but people tend to forget she's only 13. When faced with trouble, she'll take the easy way out of it - but when she's faced with love - what can she do? With the Dark Lord returning, she has a chance at greatness, but with a cost. Will she accept this new-found power and responsibility, or will she stand up for what is right?
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Really good so far. I love Harry Potter. 

Please read: Hunger Games Fan Fiction: Peetas Story.
Vote, fan and comment. Thanks.
It's really good so far.

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plz and thank you
Love the story ... know that your not a writing machine but waiting for your updates every second :-D
@BooshBaby haha I call my hair blonette! xD no Joke! haha sorry re-reading your story because of how awsome it is! =D
@BooshBaby Thanks, I will. But emos really do have rocking hair. *sighs wistfully* And, I know! FRED! NO!
do you think you could read my story? its very short so far but im uploading soon :) its called My Second-Hand Sister :) (theres no smiley in the name lol)

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