Wentworth's Baron

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IreanneChambers By IreanneChambers Updated 3 months ago
Beautiful and independent Lady Henrietta Wentworth was not interested in the expectations of her day.  Fortunately for her, Lord Wentworth did not insist his daughter marry.  That is to say, not until ...
kuzaluv kuzaluv 2 years ago
Okay, I am officially hooked by your book! And a pleasure to read such a well written chapter and not one typo within to make me scream! Blessings from your newest admiring fan. K. Lee.
MarieHiggins MarieHiggins 3 years ago
@IreanneChambers YES!! I feel the same way. I loving trying to help readers see what beauty was in that era. And I adore the gardens! Thank you for writing in this genre!
MarieHiggins MarieHiggins 3 years ago
This plot sounds very intriguing. Of course I love this era anyway! :) And...I love how you've written about a maze. To me, having this in the story makes it romantic. :)
Ashful Ashful 3 years ago
You have such fluent prose that I find it is practically flawless. Such writing is worthy of great praise! I'll be promoting this to some of my readers as I continue to read. I'm already loving Henrietta. I think she is marvellous as a lead :)
Giselle18 Giselle18 3 years ago
I love this! It has to be one of the best I have read. your descriptions are amazing :)
EllieG EllieG 3 years ago
Wonderful chapter! I love your writing style and the way you describe things is amazing. Well reading on now :)