Arranged marriage to a rich......Jerk?!

Skye Rhodes is a normal teenage who just wants to live life smoothly, until her parents arranges a marriage. Forced to marry a jerk from her school, Skye needs to stop her wedding from her parents forcing her to marry Landon, her future husband.
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@MusicBooksLover i totally agree the 3 boyfriends or the 3 thing i need to survive
We need no man RIGHT LADIES! WE BE SINGLE PRINGLES!!! All we need is our bed, food, Netflix, music and Wattpad!!!!! (And cozy pj's )
I definitely understand except I'm 12 but I'm an only child with parents divorced and my mum now has a Fiancée
18? Doesnt that mean you can make your own decisions without permission or something?
How on earth can that be the best part of high school? Bish wut? Lady get your priorities straight
Yes. You sleep with him everynight, you can always cuddle with him

He is your bed

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