Arranged marriage to a rich......Jerk?!

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"Wanna go visit Landon?" Zane asked me. 

I sat there in the couch, watching TV, "No..." 

"Why?" he asked, "Dontcha wanna see your boyfriend?" 

"He's not my boyfriend...How can he be my boyfriend if he doesn't even remember a thing about me?" I said. 

"Skye, just chill out. I know he'll remember. He's just not remembering because of brain problems. The doctor told me that it's temporary. If you don't know what temporary means, you're a retard." he said. 

"Yes, I know what temporary means." I said and sighed, "What if he never remembers me? What if he doesn't remember me by the wedding day?" 

"He will and---woah wait. You actually want the wedding?" he asked, smirking. 

"I never said that! I-I only said what if he doesn't remember me by then..." I said, blushing. 

"Okay..." he said, smiling. 

He sits next to me, joining in to watch re-runs of That 70's Show. 

I looked at him and noticed that he haven't stopped smiling at me. I lightly punched him on the shoulder. 

"Ow! What was that for?!" he says, still smiling. 

"Wipe that smile off of your face!" I snapped. 

He looks at me and then back at the TV. 

"Where's your mom?" I asked, "I haven't seen her since yesterday." 

"I dunno." he said. 

I looked at him, giving him a "WTF" look, "Wait, you don't know?" 

"Yeah. Why?" he says. 

"Your mom could walk in any minute. She'll catch you!" I said, sitting up. 

"Chill..." he says, leaning in for kiss. 

"No, not chill." I said, lightly pushing him away. 

"What am I suppose to do then?" he asked. 

"Just stay upstairs and hide I guess." I said. 

"I can't just hide every single day." he said. 

"It's either that or leave the house and getting caught." I said. 

He looks at me and sighed. 

"Do you think it'd be better off for me, getting caught by the police?" he asks. 

"Well, I dunno. Don't ask me..." I said. 

"I wish I could start life all over again. I hate getting stuck in this situation." he said. 

"I'm sorry about your life." I said, softly, leaning back on the couch. 

He sighs and starts leaning in again.  

This time, I let him and didn't stop him. 

When our lips were millimeters apart, we heard the doorknob being unlocked at the front door. Zane and I literally jumped 3 feet away from eachother (Well, Zane fell off the couch) and started panicking. 

"Holy crap, is that your mom?!" I whispered. 


"I'm home! Skye?" I heard Mrs. Rhodes call out. 

I looked around nervously and tried to think of something. I spotted a closet and lead Zane towards it. 

I opened the closet door and looked at him. 

"Go! Hide!" I whispered to him. 

"What? In the clos---" 

Not letting him finish his sentence, I pushed Zane into the closet and I made sure I locked it. 

I sighed and made my way to Mrs. Rhodes. 

"Hi." I said, smiling. 

"Hello, Skye." she greets, smiling back, "Is everything alright?" 

"Yeah. Everything's totally fine." I said. 

"That's good. I had to stay at a hotel last night. I had a long meeting yesterday." she said. 

"Oh, you must be tired." I said. 

"Oh very." she said, sighing, "I'm going to go take a shower." 

"Okay." I said. 

She gives me one last smile and heads upstairs. 

Making sure she was gone, I slowly went back to the closet where Zane was trapped in. 

I unlocked and opened the door and whispered, "Zane?" 

Suddenly, a hand grabs my arm and pulls me into the darkness.  


Then, I got cut off by a pair of lips. I pushed the figure away as hard as I could, "Zane?!" 

"Sorry, did I scare you?" he asks. 

"I hate you!" I said. 

"C'mon, you know you love me." he says, smirking. 

I blushed and looked down, "Whatever. Just...follow me upstairs." 

I took his hand and lead him upstairs. 

We walked into my room and I locked the door, closing it. 

"That was really unexpecting..." he said, sighing in relief. 

"Zane?" I said. 

"Yeah?" he replied. 

"Exactly how long are you going to stay here?" I asked. 

"I dunno...I guess two more weeks?" he says, unsure of himself. 

"Two weeks, okay..." I said. 

"Why? You don't want me to go?" he asks. 

"Well, it's just that...that too but I'm worried that the police might catch you." I said. 

"I'll be fine." he said, taking my hand. 

Suddenly, my phone rings and Zane and I looked at eachother. 

"I'll get it." I said and walked towards the dresser where my phone was. 

I picked it up and answered, "Hello?" 

"Hey Skye! You gotta come over to the hospital!" I heard Darcy say. 

"What? Darcy? What do you mea---" 

"Just come over here, okay?" she says. 

"Darcy!!!" I called out but she hangs up. 

I sighed and put my phone down. I looked at Zane who was looking around. 

"Zane?" I said. 

"Sure, what?" he says. 

"Do you mind taking me to the hospital?" I asked. 

He looks at me, surprised, "You want to visit Landon?" 

"My best friend called me and told me to get over there. She sounded pretty urgent." I replied. 

"Sure, I guess." he says. 

We headed downstairs and opened the front door. 

"Wait!" I said. 

"What?" he asked. 

"I'll be right back." I said. 

I rushed to the kitchen, took out a pen and a piece of paper and wrote down a small note to Mrs. Rhodes, telling her about going to the hospital with Darcy. 

I ran back to the front door, slipped on my sneakers and walked out the front door with Zane. 

We hopped onto his motorcycle and headed to the hospital.


Wow, two updates in a row :) 

Aren't ya proud of me? 

Anyway, I'm giving you a big surprise for you guys next chapter :D

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Skyler Dayas Skye Harris
Drew Royas Landon Rhodes
Sean Farisas Spencer Lorenz
Matt Lanteras Zane Rhodes
Meaghan Martinas Amy Lowes
Emma Robertsas Darcy Fletcher
Jeremy Sumpteras Tanner Hayes

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