The world flooded, and only small peaks now rise above the water, with civilization confined to waterborne cities with limited resources.  The cities are ruled by tyrannous bosses, enforcing their will with an army of thugs and Stoneweavers, those able to use the remnants of magic from the old times.  Resources are maintained by regular Cleansing of the populace, selling the poorest into slavery as miners.  With a Cleansing due, what danger are an escaped slave and a thief to this delicate society?
    As an experiment, I’m publishing the first draft chapters from this heroic fantasy on a daily basis, while still writing it.  I’m about halfway through  but at the current rate should be able to keep up the pace until it’s finished (admittedly, many of the chapters are fairly short).  It’s also an exercise in discovery writing, as I’m working from a very loose outline on this one, but I have a fairly good idea of the ending by this point.  The chapters may get updated to fix typos, or if elements need changing due to future chapters, but otherwise the final version should be made available as an ebook.
I like this 0ne. H0pe you c0uld upload soon. 0nce c0mpleted will this book b still  available here?