The Chronicles of Tamu: A Race Against Time

Meet Lexi, your ordinary everyday girl. Her world is turned upside down when she meets a talking horse, she later finds out that the talking horse isn't just a horse. The horse turns out to be a talking Shape Shifter named Tamu! I come from another world named Alagestria, my home world is threatened and only Lexi can save the world from turning upside down and overrun with the evil Riders and their Wolves. If Lexi and I can't stop them in Alagestria, your Mortal world will be over run with 'Gestrian Riders
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this is an interesting story, but all the grammatical errors are making it impossible to read. You really need to proofread!
I like how this is a continuation of sorts from narnia.  Interesting how u let us see things from the different cjaracters' perspectives!

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