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    Unique was never what you called 'skinny'. She was that girl that everyone picked on for their own benefit. Being the sibling of two of the most popular people in school Unique could never get a break.   BULLIED.   BEATEN.  BETRAYED.   Until she met him. One of the most dangerous, ruthless thugs in all of Houston. But is it love for him or just lust? Find out as your taken into a journey in to the real world.
I thank god that I decided to travel to that foreign country and live there for 3 years just to learn this language
I just want to beat her whole family with a hot flat iron -.-
It's always the crazy niggas that want me *sighs* one hour we getting to know each other, the next they "love" me and allat other bull...
Its nice to know that the two years I spent learning this language didn't go to waste.
FINALLY!!!! Someone understands my secret language. (Gibberish+Pops and Clicks)
And um listening to Bish Better Have My Money lmfao the shame