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Unique was never what you called 'skinny'. She was that girl that everyone picked on for their own benefit. Being the sibling of two of the most popular people in school Unique could never get a break.   BULLIED.   BEATEN.  BETRAYED.   Until she met him. One of the most dangerous, ruthless thugs in all of Houston. But is it love for him or just lust? Find out as your taken into a journey in to the real world.
zariah51 zariah51 5 days ago
Obviously he ain't a good dad if you ain't living with him right now whether or not he married to the snobby hoe
MrsWolffa MrsWolffa 8 days ago
can't read it. just a bunch of letters that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. :(
JusticeSanders JusticeSanders 10 days ago
He green asf but I got my first phone in 3rd grade  mommy worked at sprint 
November_26 November_26 15 days ago
Ain't no way in hell. See uhh uhh... that's that shxt that make me wanna be a janitor for a day and mop the floor wit these bishess !!
brevnna brevnna 19 days ago
I'm mad she didn't punch her or slap her anything don't let anyone disrespect you like that and don't fear anybody that's your same blood
LittleShady LittleShady 22 days ago
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You don't wanna fuck with me,'cause why? Cause I will fucking kill you :)