Thug Love

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At 15 years old Unique Lewis was nothing but a bulling punch bag, Unique is the youngest out of her other two siblings. Jordan her older brother, too popular for his on good treats Unique like a nobody out in public but at home he treats her like a normal brother should. Lauren is Unique's older sister. Lauren despises Unique because she isn't as pretty. She makes her life a living hell because of it. Unique has only two friends and has never had a boyfriend. All the boys she has ever liked sneered rude comments her way or picked on her for being ugly. She thought she would die alone with no one to love her.

ka'jai at the age of 17 years old is on top of the game. He's one of the most feared thugs running South Houston. He's got money, weed, and bad bitches at his knees. Even though Ka'Jai is in the game he is till has to attend school and finish it just like his mom would want him to. Ka'jai and Unique run in to each other at the most unfortunate events.

Can this thug change for some girl or will he continue to be the ruthless thug he is? Will Unique finally find love or just lust?

Hope you guys like the description. If people vote and comment and tell me what they think then I will continue to write this story. So please vote and comment! (PREVIOUSLY WRITTEN)

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Amber Rileyas Unique
Jessica Jarrellas Monique
Duhwayne Richardsonas Ka'Jai

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