Don't Be Afraid

Rule #1: Never be alone, have someone always with you, no matter where you are. Rule #2: Don't acknowledged their presence or you'll give them the satisfaction of them scaring you. Rule #3: Always, and I mean Always have a crucifix with you no matter where you are. Rule #4: Pray every night, every day, when you eat, and when you sleep. Keep faith. Rule #5: Don't let them get to you. They'll destroy your sanity and everything you believe in. They'll break you down until you're nothing. Rule #6: Lastly, don't be afraid. ***EDITING IN PROCESS (IGNORE THE 'EDITED' THING AT THE BEGINNING OF CHAPTERS, THE ONLY CHAPTERS I HAVE EDITED ARE ONE AND TWO)***
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It's a awesome story, but if you have the diagnosis schizophrenia you don't get antidepressants, you get anti psychotic medication like zeldox , abilify etc.
I have just read the first three lines and I can tell this cook is going to be awesome! But I can't read it now cause tomorrow I have computer exam T.T
In the description, the only rule I obey is #3. I have rosary bracelet. Second is #4.
Is it just me..... All I have is the vote/comment/share boxes and a blank screen... Am I not supposed to read it ???????
why are you on wattpad
this is kind of a reading/publishing website y'know
erm yeah, im shunning you from life k
Hi I'm Darcie I'm new,I HATE READING but just looking a the book is so interesting already can't wait to read it

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