Secrets Untold

“Here’s a little tip of survival for all of you reading this very line right now: Never yawn while Danika Mars is talking, because it leads to no good.” Smart, sweet, and semi-sarcastic Cadrian Tinker had more than her share of a severe case of senioritis. Along with her childhood best friends, Danika and Trent, she is ready to breeze through her last year in high school like she has done the past three years. Laying low under the radar and blending right in, senior year seems like a piece of cake. That is until she meets Ashton Fly, a boy who seems to know more than his own share of secrets in the world, a boy who seems to be living a hidden, other life. At first disgusted by him, Cadrian can’t help but feel as if there is more than what lays above the surface. Or is it all just a façade? Whatever it may be, Cadrian knows one thing for sure—senior year may be her hardest year yet with challenges to friendship, initial instincts, judgment, and the first test of what life truly is. Let’s just say that fate or destiny or whatever you want to call it has a quirky sense of humor.
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Omg haven't read this book yet. I decided to read to cus I started reading her book frozen. It's awesome. U should read it
Haha, so far I do like the beginning! I love the vagueness, it definitley gives a sense of mystery, and so far it seems like a cute story. Good job!^^
This a great story~ I love it. I can't wait to read more and see what else you come up with (: Keep up the good work <3 Voted!
Ok, well, I loved this! I've had to do that in TOD before -___- I feel her pain. Oh, and I love her name. Cade is cool :) Voted!!
Definitely makes me want to read on! It totally caught my attention, and made me wonder about it. Looking forward to the next chapter.
I have a friend also who loves to talk! -.- Anyway this was really good, great details. Yay, I meet another Ashton! LOL

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