Teach Me How To Dance

Calista Blake is an aspiring dancer in New York City. One Direction is a British-Irish boy band scheming to take over the world with their angelic voices and gorgeous faces. Calista and her best friend, Bailey Green, get the chance to become background dancers for the boys leading them into a crazy world of cute guys, crazy fans, and more than enough dancing. They were definitely ready for tour.
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this is really good for your first chapter and please don't  doubt yourself I hate when people do that please don't or u make me sad
ilove the dancer theme. because I dance myself. I can just imagine myself as calista.
Hi I wrote a dancing kind of fanfic too lol umm its a Harry fan fic. Kay bye love the story btw
Thanks for making this story Love it :) please can u look at my first chapter ? It's called how to be me LOVE THIS STORY !!!!!
You are my legand and callie is my nick name too :D im in the story!!!!!!!!! but ive also got a friend called bailey so im a little scared right now
my names callista...... and im just like the girl in the story... i think someones stalking me O.O

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