Another Spark - (A Taylor Squared Love Story) {Will not be adding more}

This is a continuation of Another Planet, you do not have to read the first one to understand it, but i would strongly reccomend it! Another Planet: "Hi, im Taylor Swift, yes, the blonde blue eyed, country pop princess, ex-girl girlfriend to Joe Jonas, fiance to Taylor Lautner and am a soon to be a mother. just beacuse im blonde doesnt mean i cant see lies, just because im rich, doesnt mean im not down to earth. and just because im engaged doesnt mean i cant find others attractive, right? what about... ex's?" Taylor is just like any other twenty one year old. she sits in her bedroom and plays guitar, has an obsession with cats, loves the color purple and may or may not flip her blonde locks around when her favorite songs come on. if someone tells you they love you, youre going to most likely believe them... no matter how old you are. 'Your Smile Takes Me To... Another Planet... every move you make. everything you say if right....'
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I read the last one and was obsessed but now to sound rude I think it is very good but the whole baby and how he proposed kinda ruined it :/

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