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Hey beloved readers :)) I'm really sorry for taking this chapter too long to upload. I just can't find the rights words to write the ending so i hope i didn't screw that up. Anyways I'm so grateful to each and everyone of you, especially to those who VOTED COMMENTED AND FANNED :)) I read all your comments and I'm so Happy about your feedbacks, it really gave me inspiration to write this.

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Chapter 20 - Almost 

** TORI's POV ** 


"Start talking." Zach ordered the moment we entered the empty room. It’s the same room I confessed to him. I’m still kinda wondering if we were still together. 

I had no idea how to start this conversation. I don't even know why I followed him in the first place. I could feel the tension in the air, speechless. 

I continued walking forward away from him. Zach just followed me from behind. Then I decided to lean on the teacher's desk with him in front of me. He sat on an armchair not too far from me. 

"So?" He started.

"What do you want to know?" I asked bravely. He ran his fingers to his hair and looked at me. 

"You don't get to ask, Peige." He smirked and then he continued. "So that was the reason why you never bothered to call or send messages." 

"Since when did you care who I go out with?" I looked at him sternly. And then he chuckled. He raised his body up and walked towards me. I tried to be tough in front of him even though deep inside, I’m trembling. 

"You don't get to say that, too. That's my line." His lips curled up into grin. He is clearly pissed. 

I gulped hard. He continued to walk towards me. "Tori, Tori, Tori." Zach chanted. He closed the distance between us. I’m just staring at him not knowing what to say. "You think I don't give a damn who you go out with?" He furrowed.

"Yes." I answered confidently.

"Wrong answer. I cared the moment you became mine.'" He said each word with emphasis. 

My heart quickened its pace. Now I really don't know what to say. Why is he telling me this? Does he want me to know that he cares for me? I'm really confused.

"Of all the people to go out with, I'm a bit insulted." He hissed. "Do you have any idea how I felt the moment you told Chloe everything?" He continued. I tried to look away. I felt guilty. Although none of this would have happened if it weren't for him. 

"You shoved me away, remember?" I managed to say something. But I don't know if it'll help or make things worse. 

I saw him look away for a moment and turned back to me again. "You went with him because of that?" It's not a question, it's actually an accusation and it really made my stomach turn upside down. 

"How dare you, Anderson! You think I'm some slut that runs to another guy if I get turned down?" I snapped. I tried my best to hold the water forming in my eyes. I won't cry in front of this jerk no matter what. 

"So you're telling me that after you left my building he just saw you walking down the street? What a coincidence." He stated sarcastically. 

"Eavesdrop much? Might I mention that we were actually at the Hemmington's hospital and Nathan knew what happened? He also knew that I went home with you. He came to pick me up and saw me walking down the street." I explained. "And for your information, you never bothered to call me, guess you were busy with whoever it was you invited over." I continued, disgust evident in my tone. 

"Look who's talking? If your idea of a slut is some guy who hit on you the other night then I must be gay." He concluded with a harsh tone. 

I wondered who he was pertaining to. Then James came in to my mind. "Still, you shoved me away." I tried to get to my point.

"It was for your own good!" He snapped. 

"For my own good? What about you? I'm not a little girl!" I said unknowingly. 

"You worry too much about me and you don't think about yourself anymore." 

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Alex Pettyferas Zach
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