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Shorty ❤ By notjustarandomgirl Completed
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    “I know I’m not the type of girl that you usually go out with. I’m not sexy, I’m not attractive and I’m no fun. I’m plain and boring with no charm at all. The only thing good about me is probably my brain, which everyone finds boring. But I must ask you this…Mr. Zachary Anderson, can I be your girlfriend?”
    This is the story of a simple, rich and shy-type hotel heiress, Victoria Peige, trying to steal the heart of the hottest and most popular playboy in their school, Zachary Anderson, for the sake of her friend.
    Can Miss Goody-Goody win the heart of the Ultimate Bad Boy despite the rivalry their parents have in the business world?
    Will she be successful? It’s for you to figure out.
yes, no, maaybeee, i dont knoww, can ypu repeat the question...
Amazing book I've already read it and I'm gonna read it again! Lol
I would NEVER in my entire life, get the courage to ask someone out...>///< I`m WAY too shy...
I really, really love the video of the characters! Good Job author  Hoping i'll love the story the same.
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Rereading this again bc can't remember what this book is about haha