I'm just shitting you. I'm pretty mellow... Unless you piss me off.

°"My gun fires 7 different shades of shit. So what's your favorite color, punk?"
°^Erm... Green? :D. You don't have that shade? D:
°I am cursed with insomnia
°Why? Because I took the cookie from the cookie jar D:
°Call me Skylar
°Rena Lovelis, Lyn-Z Way, and Courtney Love inspire me.
°I've actually decided to take up bass guitar (I play double bass... And a little guitar. Can't be too hard...)
°I have an unhealthy obsession with the 80s and 90s
°My age is a number between 12 and 20. Can you guess it?
°I've been told I should've been born a boy
°I'm also very vulgar
°Black Parader, Bullet Bringer, Revenge Seeker, and Killjoy
°MCRmy since June 26, 2011
°Killjoy name is Iridescent Ignition (Rainbow Raider is a comic book superhero...)
°I'm a horror movie junkie (I'm a big fan of movies from '85 and '88)
°I'm also a sucker for old Disney movies and stories
°Don't even get me started with 90s Disney
°I am Jamaican, Irish, and Indian
°"I'm not psycho. I just like psychotic things." -Gerard Way
°I'm so uncool, it's cool ;)
°Don't call me emo.
°Don't let my bio fool you. I'm not cool at all
°I'm actually a 14 year old hermit (did you guess right?)

Green Day, MCR, Cherri Bomb, MSI, ATL, FOB, Nirvana, Rise Against, P!ATD, FFR, Billy Talent, The Used, NSN, My Hidden Track, The Offspring

@KeepTheFaith_xofrnk Stalker buddy/Shovel Buddy ;)

@xCraigmabbittx My twin(not biologically)/Messy Buddy/Gangster/Vampire Buddy

@Justaghostinthesnowx Uncool/Hopeless/Offensive Buddy!


@Bizzard Horror Movie Buddy :D

@Pineapplebuddy This is Gen. She's new here, so fan her! She's also my lesbian lover (I'm in a love triangle with her and Valery xD)
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@Yuna7698 Hey! Yeah. Same here. I have next to NO time... And the sad thing is that when I do have free time, I don't know what to do... So I'll spend like 20 minutes thinking about what to do before...
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