I'm in high school, also known as the hellhole & i get by with the help of my equally strange friends: Ebony (bitch face), Bec (twin's Jai, he's as EPIC), Sharnee (little miss crazy), Larissa (miss 'innocent') & Jodie (my sexy husband). <-- long stor
fave songs: i could fill a book :
Fave shows: supernatural and greys anatomy
1. My friends hide all the whipped cream... it makes me high
2. i am married to most of my girlfriends
3. i drink oj, lemonade & whipped cream shots
4. i love pizza
5. i am in a smart ass program
6. all parents think im a good influence
7. im not a good influence
8. Im shit scared of sharks
9. I am the eldest of four children
10. ill always love my bird friend sam, who flew away and ditched me for pigeons
11. I want to be a surgeon
12. i want a bugatti veyron super sports car... care to lend me $2400000?
13. I love martial arts
14. I like to think i am evil
15. i love animals
16. i daydream about being an assassin
17. im insane
18. i used to be a goody two shoes
19. i love any big cats... especially leopard
20. i love cooking
21. i have random bouts of cleaning madness
22. i am addicted to reading
23. i have a habit of hurting myself: burnt arms, stitches, burnt leg, broken collarbone, jarred knee (current: recently dislocated fingers; backflip. need i say more?)
24. i am quite impulsive
25. i condemn anyone who annoys me to 'go die in a hole'
26. i love saying 'who lit the fuse on your tampon?', 'my bad', 'wasn't me', 'how so?', 'yay big', 'go die in a hole', 'meh' & 'just saying'
27. i have a big family
28. i once punched metal
29. i like to draw and sing
30. odd numbers suck
31. i smile a lot XD
32. i can make very strange noises
33. i have too many laughs to classify
35. i like knives
36. i wanna be a stripper with my BFF @SharneeMacMurchie <3
37. i love abs!
38. i love Cas and Sam and Dean
shan xoxo
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xXshanabananaXx xXshanabananaXx Aug 13, 2013 03:25AM
@BeSassyBeAYoutuber i have no idea who you are, sorry :D
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