Hi! I'm a 26 year old musician and writer from the suburbs of Toronto. I've been published a number of times, but I've decided that I'd rather have readers than money, so I'm just going to post everything that I write here. I have an English degree--not that you'd care--and I'm doing a Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate. I'm thinking about going to Spain to teach English at some point. I love languages and I'm trying to learn Spanish.

I write fiction occasionally, but I usually tend to write about music and things that annoy me.

My main creative endeavour is music. I sing and play guitar, bass, piano, drums and baritone horn.

Check out my music:

I record all of my music in my basement home recording studio, and I intend to start streaming live concerts from home in the near future. I also have a podcast:
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Stories by Trevor Cameron
Axe Fetish: Music Gear Worship And What It Means by trevorcameron
Axe Fetish: Music Gear Worship And What It Means Non-Fiction
Rock musicians, and guitarists in particular, are obsessed with the gear they use. Have you ever wondered why?
Carrot On A Stick by trevorcameron
Carrot On A Stick Non-Fiction
Sports would seem to be the modern, civilized arena for boys to be boys, but is there more to it than that? This piece appeared in an anthology for the Panam Games at the University of Toronto Scarborough.
Lion At The Gate by trevorcameron
Lion At The Gate Historical Fiction
A Roman senator is forced to flee the city as his rival, a Roman general, invades the city of Rome with a Roman army