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My lips are the gun.🔫
My smile is the trigger.👄
My pouts are the bullets.💥
Label me a killer.💅

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I'm an ASTROPHILE and SELENOPHILE ( a person who's fond of stars and moon )🌙💫

Gladly get lost in my world🦋

Just a girl with funny and wild imagination... *-^🧠


'Whoever is trying to put you down is already below you'💯

'Know your worth then add the tax'🔥

'Struck between idk, idc and idgaf'💦

'Why would I chase someone when I'm the catch?'💢

'Sometimes it physically hurts to keep my sarcastic comment in'👅

I love sports and anything related to it🍁, Remember I kick balls for sports 😏

The more you embrace the weird crazy things bout you,the more you'll find your tribe🤯🥴

'Reminder Love is easy but the Queen isn't and Queen don't compete with hoes'💝

If life gives u cocoa,make chocolate simple... ×-×🍫

I know 6 languages 👉👈

Fetish for junk foods 💋

I make a lot of friends and heck I maintain too💖

'Be a stiletto in a room of flats'💞

First they watch
Then they hate
Then they copy 😈

'You don't like me? Well okay grab a chair and wait for me to care.'
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Imma kick a racist yknow💥

OKAY for the one who read till the end....👻








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Hey beautiful people on the inside!I've missed you so much, :(I've taken my book down forever (thorns of reality) for many reasons as it was my first book and draft, i can't guarantee it will come...
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