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Heey! So you're fortunate enough to come across the page of Kalifornia Camper, aka me! So I guess you want to know some shit, eh? I can tell you right now I'm not that interesting and you're wasting your time, but continue on if you'd like(:

~ I surf nationally with my best friend Alana
~ I also play hockey, volleyball and soccer.
~ I'm an avid Bruins fan; 2011 Stanley Cup Champions, baybaayy!(:
~ I'm single.
~ Straight but don't hate.
~ Been screwing things up since Jan. 31st, 1995
~ 17 years old
~ Music is my life<3
~ I think boys who play hockey are just the sexiest humans on Earth.
~ I'm usually a wiseass, so sorry in advance ;3
~ I love talking to new people, so PM me asap!
~ Living in the United States! :p
~ I can put on a great Australian accent: "G'DAY MATE!" (;
~ I love food. Like, if you give me food... you will be smothered in kisses.
~ And, woah, I love you. Didn't know that? Now you do...
~ I'm kind of tough... Too tough. Like, so tough I think I'm a man sometimes. But then I go to the bathroom. x)

Thank you so much for reading all of this. You're awesome. Dove chocolates for you!!(':

Used to have a list of epic people but they all ditched me so yeah. (:

~Kalifornia Camper
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