Uhm, hello again! It's been a while! Maybe not for newcomers, but I've been here for about 2-3 years. I haven't been on because so much has changed and happened. (I grew out of my scene phase, but part of it is still hanging on. Rawr?) I deleted all my old fan-fics (sorry fangirls!) and other stories. I'm going to start anew with fresh stories. I haven't written in ages, so pardon my horrible starts. Once I get the hang of it again, I should be good. 

I really like cats.
I'm really sassy. wow ok
I love being creative.
Bands. 2 punk rock 4 u
I like girls. single and ready to mingle cap'n (;

I do take requests, so drop me a message if you have thoughts.

If you dedicate anything to me, you are guaranteed to be one of my favorite people.

I wanna get to know you, PM me anytime, I will talk about anything. ANYTHING.

I have a tumblr (piercethewrist) and FaceBook (Kim Possible)

There is hope as long as you're alive.
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PierceTheWrist PierceTheWrist Jun 15, 2014 03:53AM
so, when im off wattpad, email me okokokokok zombiequene@gmail.com I need friends. everyone h8s me lol
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