Hola! Hi! Wasssup my dudes! Tis I, soccer1217!!! An avid reader who reads just about anything with summa dat romance. 

Some things about me that may or may not be important:

* I adore almost any animated movie of any kind whatsoever: Despicable Me, The Incredibles, Mr. Peabody and Sherman, DESPICABLE ME, Finding Nemo, Big Hero 6, Mulan, Up, The Aristocats, The Croods, Sleeping Beauty, Moana, Tangled, Blues Clue- wait what. Okay, maybe not Blues Clues, but you catch my drift. I'm also a big fan of playgrounds and have a strange affinity for coloring pages.

* Math is great until we get to probability and weird calculus, because I'm a goner once you start hitting me with the theoretical nonsense.

*I'm an ABCD Indian, a vegetarian, an 'Murican, and also I happen to live in one of the most podunk cities ever in one of the most podunk states ever. I don't know if podunk is a word. If it's not, I just invented it. Shhhh.
Edit- I know now that podunk is definitely a word, but I'll claim it anyway as one of my favorite words ever :)

* I swim. Frequently. It's the only form of exercise I get. *Pathetically jiggles arm fat.* Any other sports requiring arm strength is a no no.

* I heart music- The Wanted, Lawson, Ellie Goulding, The Chainsmokers, The Script, Coldplay, Young the Giant, Birdy, The Fray, Troye Sivan, etc.

* I like to make people laugh with my overwhelmingly sarcastic sense of humor, especially of the self-deprecating variety.

* Check out my reading lists if you're looking for something good to read that has summa dat romance and relatively good grammar. I'm not saying I'm a grammar Nazi, but there's only so much of a good story I can get through without getting lost. And please feel free to hmu with some reading recommendations. For although I have not even come close to reading everything in my library, I'm always looking for new things to read!
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