P.A. Ross lives in the England with his two daughters and wife. When not day dreaming of fantastical adventures and crazy characters, he enjoys time with his family, enjoying sports and films.

With a Degree in Astrophysics he has learnt to accept and understand the worlds of unseen forces in world such as quantum mechanics and chaos theory, which has helped immensely with writing fantasy novels of other unseen forces in the real world.

P.A. Ross is published in urban fantasy - vampires and demons in the modern world and science fiction genres of superheroes and spaceships. In one book he brings these worlds colliding together.

To learn more about P.A. Ross and his books go to www.thornsneedles.com

Vampire Formula Series - a "Twilight" meets "Let the right on in" urban vampire fantasy.

Subject Zero series - a collection of stories about a superhero.

I am Fury - stand alone supernatural urban fantasy

Vampire Vs Aliens - well the title says it all!
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Stories by P.A.Ross
I am Fury by smiler_rossy
I am Fury Fantasy
Mary-Anne Night is enjoying the start to a perfect day. It starts off with a positive pregnancy test. She would tell her husband that night, date night. She drops off her son at school, still smiling from his good...
Vampires Vs Aliens by smiler_rossy
Vampires Vs Aliens Vampire
A fragile truce exists between Human and Vampire. The peace brokered by Damien Argent; ex-SAS Captain, ex-Slayer Leader and currently the Vampire King for thirty years. Aliens arrive and with it opportunities to wi...
The Birth of Vengeance by smiler_rossy
The Birth of Vengeance Vampire
You've been beaten, bullied and betrayed but vengeance is at hand. One swift stab of a needle and a vampire formula will coarse through your blood giving you the immortal powers of the vampire for the night. Your f...