2016 Profile Update
Its been a really long time since I updated some of my stuff, I know that but I swear I haven't forgotten everyone who has asked for updates. I am horribly slow and have a terrible case of procrastination. I love all of the comments you guys leave, positive or otherwise, so thank you!
I have also received some artwork that I will post with my updates. And post small short stories based on request. So please! If you have an anime you want a fanfic short of ask! Im trying to expand my abilities and can only do so with your support. All pairings welcome, message me with your suggestion and we'll work something out.


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✔ Mentally dating Sesshomaru (The Fluffy is mine if we break up!)
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shadowquill shadowquill Nov 18, 2015 01:33AM
While it may seem like it (and feel like it) I have not completely wandered into Lala-land never to return. I am on a hiatus of sorts until I get my life back is all. As a thank you to all the people...
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House of the Red Butterflies

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Description: This is not a story of love, nor is it a story of terror. It is a simple story, boring to some, but a simple story none the less. It is a story of discovery, strength, remembrance, and faith... "Human be...


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My Poetry

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D. Gray Man: Where We Meet Once More

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Dear Reader, Somedays I feel like Im drowning, the weight of memories crushing me as they drag me furthe...

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Story Reading List

Story Reading List