Hello. You have stumbled upon Reader4ever's profile. As the nice person I am, I shall warn you that all my books are currently on hold EXCEPT for Undercover Heroes. Please read and comment!

Hi! I am Reader4ever. If you were a fan of me before this moment, you will know that I had different info here, but I decided to completely re-write it. And to those people who prefer the old one, sorry! It wasn't very up-to-date with my personality.

As to my previous information, I still am random and I still rant a lot, but everything is a little toned down from before. So I'll start again. I'm kinda random, I yell a lot, and I'm very very socially awkward. I suck a spelling, so if you find a mistake in my writing, please tell me and include the correct spelling because chances are, I don't know how to spell that. I don't like Twilight; it's cliche and Bella creates all the problems herself so she can't really complain since everything is her fault. She's kinda dumb too...No offense to those who like it. Sorry! I love books and I seem to have lost the ability to find good ones, so please comment the title of a good, worthy book to read. Thanks! I'm also kinda really not very in control of my emotions (angst-y teen here... jk) and I kinda have a temper. Yeah... which makes me say before I think which is never a good thing. I kinda don't know what to do now, so I'm just gonna make a nice list! Yay!

Young Justice
Teen Titans
Legend of Korra
Danny Phantom
Justice League Unlimited (Unhealthy obsession over cartoons...)
Harry Potter
Percy Jackson (the original series; in the new one, all the characters sound too similar for comfort)
Hunger Games (mostly the first one)
How to Train A Dragon (movie)
Peter Pan (2003 movie)
Inception (<3!)
Books in general are simply amazing.
Legend (by Marie Lu. It's good!)

Cotton candy

I think you get the idea. PLEASE read my stories and comment too! I won't bite!
Bye! :)
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reader4ever reader4ever Nov 24, 2013 06:40AM
Do I have any fans left? I feel like I was such an awful writer that I scared them all away. Please don't leave! I won't bite! Please read my story Undercover Heroes! Please comment! Maybe even vote...
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Description: Revolution City: the city of superheroes. It isn't rare to see some spandex covered figure flying past when getting afternoon coffee. From Cadmus Prime to Scarlet to Silver Streak, the city is filled to the br...


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