I love books. And art. And music. And cupcakes and cookies. And...yeah. 

I hope you guys like my stories since my family never cared for the style I write. *sniff* They always like real stuff (ugghh. Disgusting, right? ) and I love fiction. Like if it was an actual person I'd marry it.

I'm weird and insane so you'll love my characters and their sense of humor which takes after the one whom spawned (that sounds weird but kind of funny) them.

I am a nutty Supernatural fan and am totally dating Dean.

I also have hard evidence that the Winchesters do exist. Like, for real.

I love all the bands that Dean likes.

My top fav artists/bands:
Fall Out Boy
Melanie Martinez
Blue Oyster Cult
Led Zeppelin
Bon Jovi
Keith Urban
Luke Bryan
Clearwater Creedence
My Chemical Romance
Styx ( I am absolutely hooked on Renegade!)
Adam Lambert

I'm a teenager.

I have no phobias. Just little nervous sprits but I get over them.

I totally ship Cockles, Destiel, Sabriel, Samifer, Percibeth, SolAngelo, Clace, Sizzy, Malec, Shassie(Psych anyone?), Shulliet(also Psych), and many more.

I love school. People call me crazy because of it but there's a reason I'm smart. Unlike them. ;)

I want to be either a neurologist, neuro scientist, geneticist, forensic scientist, FBI agent, detective, and be a hunter on the side.

I apologize if some chapters are not too good. I started this account when I was almost 12.

Don't plagiarize. I will find you. Just read the first part of all my books and you may think twice before ya do. On that happy note, please enjoy my books and comment and vote! Thanks!
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