There really isn't much to know! ;P

My name is Maybella...Hi! *waves*
My age is irrelevant, but if you must know, Im a teenager.
I like sunshiny days and pretty rainbows! <3

Just kidding! Well, I do like them, but I'm not that girly.
I like Lady Gaga...Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj?
My music tastes day I go gaga for classical music, the next day, its rock.
So what? Sue me. :P

I support LGBT rights; I like the color purple; eating pizza...
The list could go on forever, really. I enjoy sarcasm! WHO DOESN'T?

Sorry if there are some mistakes in my grammar;
English is not my first language, French and German are, soo...yeah!

I really like watching horror movies! And comedies like 'The Hangover' and 'Bridesmaids'.
I am a very unique person.
I doubt there is anyone else in the world as crazy as me!
I really hope to be an author in the future!

So, if you're as crazy and hyper as me, dont be afraid to send a message and get to know me!
I dont bite...hard. ;P

Goals :p

[X] 100 reads
[X] 500 reads on one of my stories
[X] 1000 reads on one of my stories
[X] 1000 reads on both my stories
[X] 2000 reads on one of my stories (almost thereeeee)
[ ] 100 fans (help please)
[X] 200 votes


P.S: Do NOT, I repeat, NOT upload my stories on other websites, print them, or use them in any way. My stories are protected by copyright. Thank You.

I do not own the pictures from the covers on my stories and I did not make them.If you are the artist/photographer and would like me to remove the picture, please P.M me and I would do so.
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maybella maybella Jun 21, 2013 06:13PM
All my stories are currently on hold. I feel like writing new chapters has become more of a chore than just a hobby. I have other stories that I enjoy writing/updating on other websites. I'll upload...
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Social data: 2.5K reads. 150 votes. 97 comments.

Description: An inspiring story about 5 teenagers and their lives in high will it end? Will they be labeled as the jock, the nerd, the cheerleader, the popular, or the loser? It seems life couldn't get harder...


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