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Hi! I hope you don’t mind me advertising my story on your feed! Feel free to tell me if youre not comfy:) This is my current story that is now finished! I hope you can take the time to read this along with my other stories if you’d like! Beware that this tsory is enemies to lovers! So if you don’t enjoy close proximity and constant push and pull tension, this is not for you!




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          This is what she wants to do. To make their life miserable until they had no choice but to give up.
          Ano nga ba ang gagawin mo kung ipinaramdam sa'yo ng lahat na nag iisa ka lang sa panahong kailangan mo sila? Ang paghihiganti ay isinasagawa ng isang taong may madilim na karanasan mula sa mga taong ito.
          She is Zyxhiaxy and she control the game,
          No one dare to mess up with her
          Because she's the girl who can't fight fair




Hi sorry for distubance. I just want to promote my work, my first series
          Para 'to sa mga taong naghahabol sa taong walang chance na suklian ang feelings nila, in short nagpapakatanga sa tao, char
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Title: As The Paper Crumples
          Author: @_blaiirrr 
          This story is all about the boy who fell inlove with a girl online, who deeply inlove with his long-time crush. Was he able to get the girl's attention in order to love him?