Hello there! Not much to say about me. My name is Christina. I am a 25 year old college student who enjoys reading and writing (obviously). I started a novel called "Damaged" back in high school as a form of therapy, and I have recently decided to put it on here. It's my baby. Please give it a read and tell me what you think! Keep in mind I wrote it when I was about 14, so it's quite cliche. But I love it nonetheless, and hope you will too! I also wrote a random chapter my first year in college but nothing ever came of it. Reconnecting with the chapter, however, I have decided to make it a book since it was an interesting concept. It's called "Graveyard Curse" and it will be coming soon! Of course, I would love any feedback on my book/chapters (ie: ideas for improvement, mistake corrections, honest feedback, etc)! I hope you all enjoy reading my stories! As always, take care! :)
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Story by Christina Nipper
Damaged by masaega222
Desiree Williams used to be a girl that was envied. She was best friends with the three most popular girls in...
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