P E R S O N A L:
My name is Nonja18
I'm the young age of 24.
I am British;
Some people find that fascinating.

I write fanfictions * look there →*
I like food (who doesn't)
I'm like zombies and fezbies.
Sleeping is good for the soul.

F A N F I C T I O N S:
+Daughter Who
+Dead Girl Walking
+16 Days

+RIP Nan 14.4.2014
[my inspiration for being]

I have been a member of Wattpad for S E V E N years, come April '19. This account beholds my tales of fanfictions see through the eyes of the episodes with additional characters and plot twists in the near future. I hope you enjoy!

All my stories are rated mature, featuring devastating plot twists, angst in it's highest forms, trigger warnings that aren't for minors and emotional trauma for many of the characters. You've been warned.

If you find these works on another site or even THIS site, please let me know. Plagiarism is on the rise unfortunately, even for fanfictions.

L O O K A T:
+Originals: @TheBritishMonkey

A D D P E O P L E:

S M A L L N O T E:
@LemoAnna said:
I just want it to be put on record that I knew you first, and that I am your number one fan and knew you before you got famous. Okay? Good. ~

- Monkey away
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Just another reminder people, that should you want to continue reading my fanfictions, you need to go and follow my new account @nonja25.
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