I am a writer but im not that good at writing long stories so give me a chance to write my books also if I am not updating a story that you like of mine let me know and I will see what I can do ;) anyway I am writing a selection of stories so not all my work will be to your taste but give it a go you wont know until you try.

If you want me to read one of your books just let me know and I will try to get round to it as I really like to get peoples books popular as I also need people to help me with that as well :D

When life chucks you lemons chuck them back and they can deal with it not you, I mean you didn't ask for these lemons so why are you getting them and I bet when you need lemons to make lemon aid life wont chuck you any. I mean this is weird life needs to get it's timing right :P

Any way guys have a good day and read on xx

I am writing short stories for people so if you want me to write you a story just let me know :) xx
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@wannabeloved3 it's ok :3
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When we met

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