My Name is Joe Billy Bob jr. VI lol . . . no. My REAL name is Ashley Joy :) #I'm so gangster, I'm so thug
Little Facts about me:

* I'm a HUGE directioner, as if you havent noticed :)
* I have a soft spot for Liam and Louis
* I'm a complete nerd . . . i completely freak out when i get new reads, fans, and votes
* I play 1st, 2cd, and short in softball
* I do swimteam year round!, butterfly is my best stroke. I have 40.79 in fifty yards
* I absolutely love The Fray . . . who ever says otherwise is lying!
* I'm scared of the mice on Cinderella due to a childhood dream!
* I'm a HUGE Train fan!!! Favorite song of all time: Drops of Jupiter
* I listen to a lot of Rock/Alternative
* I love to sing although I am completely and utterly tone-deaf
* I tend to be loud and sent to sit next to the teacher's desk
* I'm a brain . . . not literally I'm just really smart!
* Official Grammer Police you may ask
* I'm a Cher Lloyd's brat!
* Missy Franklin is my Idol!!!
* Gotta Be You makes me cry :(

* My Wattpad buddy is @thatspringflingthing
* My best friend is @floridagirl0302 :) BUT I am severely competitive so please don't fan her although you're more than welcome to fan the others!
* My new twinsie is @BlueEyedBooBear
* My joint account with @floridagirl0302 is @juju_ashilee

I ship Lilo and Larry Stylinson 100% percent . . . Lilo is just so freaking adorable :)


I met THE Ryan Lochte!!!! AHHHH ... just died. X__X

Inside jokes with @floridagirl0302 :
-He's not the ugliest penguin on the iceburg
-Kid: Awesome ... Wanna go out?
@floridagirl0302 : And the bunny ran around frantically!
-I'm so gangster, I'm so thug I'm addicted to Wattpad! XD

The beauty that is my background is Juju, my best friend! Dont fan her at @floridagirl0302

New joint account with @tofuloves1d at @niallsonlywife ! Please fan!
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luvtofly luvtofly Dec 29, 2013 05:24AM
Hey guys ... I'm back from hiatus (sort of)
            Unfortunately I will most likely not be finishing theses stories. I'm sorry. :(
            But I do have a confession. When writing the vast majority of these fanfics...
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I Can't Breathe *A Zayn Malik Love Story (On Hold!)

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Description: (On Hold!) Zayn Malik and the rest of the boys of One Direction are in a small town in England when they meet a stunning blond beauty and Zayn instantly falls, yet what is she hiding? Who is this mysterious g...


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