Dear Reader,

It is nice that you decided to join me in my writing journey. Firstly, I want to introduce myself - I am Lina, just Lina.

Then why Linutyte, you ask?

I have never got any nicknames even when I was at school. The first one was from a person who was very dear to me - Linutyte (a kinda unusual diminutive for Lina). Eventually more and more people started calling me that. It kinda stuck.


I started creating short stories when I was about five. Though I never thought about myself as very creative or someone different, I always loved writing and creating stories which I hoped touch at least few hearts. From the start my mum was the one to listen and repeat "How did you turn out so creative when none of use are even related to any arts?". I always smiled, this was one of the few best compliments I ever heard about myself.

Why Wattpad?

I am not even sure myself... At first my stories were not public, at first they were only for me. But through the years I gain more and more people, who apparently liked my writing and well... I decided to try to share them with the world - there is always first time for everything.

If you have any questions or suggestions for my stories, feel free to contact me ♡

Just Linutyte, who loves writing
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