hi there! 

first off, i promise i'm not a 82-year-old man, scratching his face whilst typing away at his slow computer.

no, in fact i'm just a boring ole girl that's 17 and doesn't know what to do with her life #swag #goals

i like to write, even though i suppose that i suck at it but i gathered i'd do it anyway. 'why?' you may want to ask- why not? i don't know honestly, ok !? fight me.!!' I mean, uh- actually don't, i'm a weakling

i'm not only not good at fighting, and writing, but also at what comes with when you're a reader of mine- i'm reaaaally bad at keeping to my 'schedule' that i don't have, but I try my best, guys

i'm trash for so many things, too many things in fact. hmu, let's talk about what you love! maybe i love it as well and we can be frenzzz

also feel free to send me suggestions as to what cool books to read on here or anywhere really, i also wouldn't mind checking your story out


p.s. now we've also found out that I suck at bios hah

note to self: hide under rock after really just having wrote this awkward somethingy
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hey everyone! I just wanted to say a massive thank you! I would have never imagined this many follows/reads/ votes and comments! You're all just such sweethearts and I'm so sorry that I've been off...
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