i don’t know if anyone is still active since it’s been a few years now and on top of that i don’t think anyone will remember me but either way i just wanted to say im so sorry for leaving and not saying anything. im even more sorry for worrying anyone, my dms and notifications are filled with love and it made me so happy to come back to this, though it seems like a very distant memory to me. but im ok! im safe and healthy! and i hope you all are too <3


OMFG IM SO HAPPY UR FINE and pls don't apologise HQTSSGTQS6 BTW I would never be able to forget you ur just unforgettable ily I'm glad ur back fine and healthy ^^ <333


@jinx-is-sleepy also istg i could never forget this acc


@jinx-is-sleepy omg no its okay, i was just worried, glad to see ur okay <33


just received the biggest shock of my life seeing my fav books gone. seeing author deleting their works especially something so good always leaves me with an empty feeling, knowing i'll probably never read them again. i'll miss them sm :( they were really amazing and made me smile alot. hoping they'll be back one day and hoping u are safe and healthy too btw <3


hey there 
          it looks you have not been active in a while but that's okay 
          i just wanted to say that i have read three of your stories and i love them .your writing style is awesome .i will be waiting for more if you ever think of writing something new. lots of love  to you :)