Broken Together | Divergent by theywereblue
Broken Together | Divergent by YouWereRed Fanfiction
"I can tell by the look in his eyes that he has seen the scars on my wrist. I expect him to walk away, to lecture me, to hate me. Instead, he puts his arms around m...
Look who it is (divergent fanfiction )  by I_write_k
Look who it is (divergent fanficti... by I_write_k Fanfiction
Tris Pedrad is bullied by everyone even her brothers friends so she leaves for five year and when she comes back EVERYONE is surprised by her she is now hot as hell and...
Le mystère de Zowa  by azzinach1235
Le mystère de Zowa by azzinach1235 Romance
J... Je... Je s... Je su... Je sui... Je suis... Je suis m... Je suis ma... Je suis mau... Je suis maud... Je suis maudi... Je suis maudit... Je suis maudite... *** Quan...
The Red Riding Hood (Done) by arapyonzz_
The Red Riding Hood (Done) by Ara Fanfiction
Siapa bilang kisah Little Red Riding Hood hanya dongeng belaka? Sekarang aku akan menceritakan pada kalian sebuah kisah tentang gadis yang memakai jubah merah. Ia merupa...
candor or dauntless no war by Toffiepop456
candor or dauntless no war by Toffiepop456 Fanfiction
candor or dauntless al is dead but everyone else is unharmed because their was no war. It takes place after the ranking are announced and I ship : Four-Tris Marle...
divergent one shots by njoylife4everr
divergent one shots by divergent fangirl Fanfiction
pretty self-explanatory. if u wanna read, read.