My name is Caitlin and writing is one of my main hobbies. I'm 17 years old, a senior in high school, and I reside in a secret state on the East Coast of America.

Business Email for covers or inquiries:

+ At the moment, I'm not taking reading requests nor am I doing collabs.
+ I work hard on my books and I'd like to request that people not ask to borrow my books.
+ I only write on Wattpad, so if you see my writing on other websites, please let me know on my message board.
+ I'm not responding to my PMs because I have so many. At the moment, I have over 600. However, I do read all message board messages and comments.
+ The songs I mention in my books are NOT mine, nor am I claiming rights to them in any way. I usually link the songs to the side or mention it in the author's note.
+ I do not have a set updating schedule, but I try to update once a week, at least. When I don't, it means that I am very busy with school or personal issues.
+ I have not made all of the covers. Many (most) were made by fans and I've shouted them out in the story description and/or first chapter.

BB: Humor 2 Romance 2 (8/10/14)
DA: Humor 13 (4/2/14) / Teen Fiction 18 (4/1/14)
FAAO: Romance 10 (4/10/15)
ATOG: Romance 28 (5/28/15)
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istolethecookiez istolethecookiez Jan 28, 2017 03:50AM
UPDATE: I'm alive (((not on the inside))) but I'm working on an update!!! I've been editing the whole story, fixing tenses and stuff because that's my biggest issue. So please forgive me for the time...
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The Distance Between Us by istolethecookiez
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All friendships are weird...right? With accidental thigh grabs, unintentional kisses, and late-night rooftop conversations, Alexis's friendship with Axel definitely takes the cake. But it wasn't always this way. Th...
The Perfect Balance by istolethecookiez
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They say you can learn a lot from a book, but no book has taught me how to be a regular teenager. No book has taught me how to comfortably balance a social life and school, not to mention work. And no book has ever...
Once Upon A Push (Completed) by istolethecookiez
Once Upon A Push (Completed) #969 in Romance
She didn't fall, she was pushed. Let me explain more, yeah? She was pushed, by her best friends, into a guy- but not just any guy. Cyrus Angelo, the infamous Cyrus Angelo. Maverly Perkins is full of witty comebacks...