I love writing, I love telling stories and I love people in general paying attention to me and what I am saying, so posting on here seemed like a no brainer. Anyways, I have been writing for several years now, nothing really worth anything just mindless banters and over hyped tales of a teenager.

I have three stories on Wattpad:
The Angels of Carrigan Castle is a romance series that my dream is to have published. It's an adult novel with violence, sex and tons of drama.

The Coven is a teen series. It's three books in one link to make it easier to access. It's all about romance, angst, drama and of course witches with wicked powers.

The Chronicles of Marigold Meadows is a post apocalyptic story about a young woman travelling through a dystopian America looking for refuge from her pursuers. She is met with unlikely friends and foe along the way.

If you want me to check out your story just send me a message with a link or tell me the name and I happily will! I don't cookie cut it either, if there's things you can change I will tell you but I will also tell you things I enjoyed. I am not that mean.

I love answering questions about my stories or myself and writing so if you ask I will answer! I have a whole backstory to everything I write so if you want more information just ask! Also I have Angels planned out to the very last scene in the very last book. Ask me anything!
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hexezz hexezz Mar 10, 2016 12:53AM
Hey guys! So I pulled the Chronicles of Marigold Meadows for a quick re write. I thought of a different direction, and only being five parts in it's now or never! It will be back up soon!
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Description: Sloan is a banished Angel from Heaven stuck on Earth, even worse he is not allowed to leave the confides of Carrigan Castle which has been his home for the last five hundred years. When he learns about Lucifer...

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The Coven

The Coven

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Lilly Neace just lost the mother she never knew, and her father is sending her to spend some time in her...


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