Hi everyone!
          	I hope to start posting episode 5 of THE MURALIST & THE INSPECTOR soon! Thanks for your patience, and I hope you enjoy what's to come!


@harrikitteridge Can't wait. I enjoy reading your books.


          You probably (actually definitely) don't have any idea who I am. That's OK! 
          I just wanted to say I loved the article you wrote on Medium. I'm working on a story called The Twin Selection, and I was trying to find more ways to get it noticed. I have a few awesome readers who are so sweet, but I also want a bigger crowd. I think your advice was great, and I'm definitely going to use your tips. 
          Thanks for helping other readers out! 


Hello Harrison! I am new here and a beginner in writing. I was extremely concious each and every moment about Wattpad culture. Since last three days I am searching it everywhere to find the answers of my numerous questions untill I saw you article. It was so helpful and you have written it with so much transparency, shared your experience as a newbee on Wattpad(similar situation for every new one here). I came here straight after reading your article just to say Thank you. You must know that your article is immensely inspiring beginners like us. You deserve a huge applause. 


Hey Harrison, I'm a first time writer on Wattpad and was really confused on how to navigate in this sort of social media platform, but then I read your article on medium and now I feel much more confident about going through with  it.
          Thanks a lot. 
          Keep it up.
          Shivansh Chawla


After reading some of the other comments, I noticed several other had flocked to praise you on your inspiring article! But never the less, I know the butterfly feeling one gets when they are complimented. And let me just say, your article was very helpful! I personally just started my first wattpad book a few days ago, so I hope to use your advice in the future. Anyways, just wanted to say you’re awesome, and happy quarantine!