Hi everyone!
          	I hope to start posting episode 5 of THE MURALIST & THE INSPECTOR soon! Thanks for your patience, and I hope you enjoy what's to come!


@harrikitteridge Can't wait. I enjoy reading your books.


Hello Harrison! I am new here and a beginner in writing. I was extremely concious each and every moment about Wattpad culture. Since last three days I am searching it everywhere to find the answers of my numerous questions untill I saw you article. It was so helpful and you have written it with so much transparency, shared your experience as a newbee on Wattpad(similar situation for every new one here). I came here straight after reading your article just to say Thank you. You must know that your article is immensely inspiring beginners like us. You deserve a huge applause. 


Hey Harrison, I'm a first time writer on Wattpad and was really confused on how to navigate in this sort of social media platform, but then I read your article on medium and now I feel much more confident about going through with  it.
          Thanks a lot. 
          Keep it up.
          Shivansh Chawla


After reading some of the other comments, I noticed several other had flocked to praise you on your inspiring article! But never the less, I know the butterfly feeling one gets when they are complimented. And let me just say, your article was very helpful! I personally just started my first wattpad book a few days ago, so I hope to use your advice in the future. Anyways, just wanted to say you’re awesome, and happy quarantine!


Hi Miss harrison! I've read your article on how your 350 readers turns into 10,000 and I can say that you're such a great writer and I hope for your success and I hope u will notice me. xoxo


Hello there sorry to bump in but I should thank you for the motivation you have given me. When I read your article of "HOW I WENT FROM 350 READS TO 10000 READS", I was very thrilled. I realized it is not just easy for new writers on this hub. We face the same exact problems of how to promote our books, get reads and all that stuff. I have learnt just enough from your article and am praying I put into action what you talked about. I should admit I didn't know anything like a featured story. You have also taught me hard work in that artucle, updating daily and all those things
          Am grateful


            Now we are in the same boat, wow


            Sorry, but her blog really helped


I read your article on medium thank you for posting it. Hopefully I can get some better results from wattpad