Zodiac Signs by JaneConquestBackup
Zodiac Signs by JCB
Comment your sign! *** -- Prompts credit to Tumblr, but I try to be as original as I can --
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Murder Riddles by crownedmoriarty
Murder Riddles by Ash
Highest Ranking #1 in Short Story... A collection of murder, theft, and other riddles. After reading these, you'll be able to say; it was Prof. Plum in the living room...
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Zodiac Signs II by JaneConquestBackup
Zodiac Signs II by JCB
This is the sequel to Zodiac Signs! Comment your sign! *** THIS BOOK IS USER-RUN!! Submit your prompts and I will apply them to the signs!
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Funny Wattpad Comments by JaneConquestBackup
Funny Wattpad Comments by JCB
this community is a mess. **Not intended to offend anyone! Just havin fun**
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Flipmode 👾 by ChrisbrownofficiaI
Flipmode 👾 by .
Explicit Content
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Pickup Lines by JaneConquestBackup
Pickup Lines by JCB
Smooth moves guaranteed to land your crush! *** Please be advised this story contains some mature themes!
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funny comments by sunswept
funny comments by sarah lily
─ a collection of some of the funniest YouTube, Wattpad, Instagram, and other social media / website comments
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Comments [Harry Styles]  by witharryx
Comments [Harry Styles] by ℋ
- ENG - @harrystyles started following you. @harrystyles liked your post. @harrystyles commented on your post. @harrystyles replied to your comment on your post. Can the...
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Ctrl.  (Lamelo Ball story.) by whoregomd
Ctrl. (Lamelo Ball story.) by tianna
In this book Laiyla (Lah-eeylah) a very all around cool girl who has lived in chino hills all her life decides that she wants to change her appearance. She wants to be...
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Rise Up (Editing) by JakeiraHurst
Rise Up (Editing) by Jakeira Hurst
Aubree had a tough life growing up, being in and out of foster home, her brother dying when she was little, her mother shutting her out, feeling that she wasn't loved. A...
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Colby Brock Imagines by Gomez_Ken02
Colby Brock Imagines by ~ K E N D R A ~
Colby Brock. The other 1/2 of Sam and Colby. The boy with big dreams and inspiration. ~ Imagines of this boy, giving love and hope to all the girls around the world. ~ ...
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(COMPLETED) Above It All (Love and Abuse Novel) by chocolate_dimplez
Instagram || Justin Bieber. {new} by VictoriaGeraldine
Instagram || Justin Bieber. {new} by Vic
and it all started with a like. highest ranking; in FanFiction © 2017, Victoria Geraldine
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All About YOU! by JaneConquestBackup
All About YOU! by JCB
Tell us all about what makes you, you! *** Completed, will return summer 2018! ***
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The Forgotten And Neglected (Naruto Neglected Story) by Xoxnaruhina
The Forgotten And Neglected (Narut... by Xoxnaruhina
Naruto has been Neglected his parents Minato and Kushina for his younger sister and lives with the Uchihas What happens when they want him back
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Protect her | e.d by cuddledolans
Protect her | e.d by sophia :)
He was given money to protect her from her brutal boyfriend. But when they fall in love with each other, who's going to protect her now?
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Cover Contests | Open  by Skipper_019
Cover Contests | Open by Skipper
Highest Ranking: #363 in Random Weekly cover making contests with prizes to be won. ~NOT TAKING REQUESTS FOR CONTESTS AT THIS TIME~
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Young & Dumb 4- Joy & Jonas by AdoreBrianna
Young & Dumb 4- Joy & Jonas by Brianna J.💟
Part 4 of young and dumb, about Joy and Jonas
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The Bad Boy Next Door  by Justsomerandomgirl49
The Bad Boy Next Door by 😈😂😎😇
READ THIS BEFORE READING THE BOOK PLZ I THEN HAVE YOU PPL SAYING "OH MY GOSH This is so Cliche" Read it. Highest Rank: #53 In Teen Fiction (*May 15, 2017*) *WA...
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Army Love (Quick Updates) BBW by Scripted_Legend
Army Love (Quick Updates) BBW by theALTEReGO
What is Love if it's not worth fighting for?
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