hey everyone. consider this one a farewell. 
sadly, none of my stories look to be updated or finished in the near or distant future, so i will be leaving my wattpad account (officially) as of now.
thank you all so so so much for all your support, for all your incredible comments and love and those special translators out there, it's been incredible. this wattpad account has been the doorway into writing, and i very much hope that one day i will be a published author. it's not the end for me, i promise!!
i won't speak much of why these stories will be discontinued, but basically it comes down to 1) time 2) lack of motivation. though i will always remember fondly my time here and in the one direction fandom in general, i have moved on with interests, etc, and writing any of these stories really wasn't possible.
once again, thank you so much. you're all my friends, and this has all helped me emotionally and mentally mature, and as a result i feel a hundred times more confident and stable as a person. i'm really sorry you won't get your endings,
BUT if any of you are very very curious as to how things end in whatever story i began, feel free to hit me up at
OR https://twitter.com/haberdashi
and i will be very happy to answer any of your questions and explain how i intended to write things (especially 21LTN)
(or, if you like to talk, come talk! i love to talk. tell me about your day. your cat. your boyfriend. your pet rock, just come talk and i will gladly respond.)

i love you all, don't ever stop dreaming. x
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HEY GUYS. THERE'S A VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE IN MY  DESCRIPTION THAT EXPLAINS IT ALL, BUT BASICALLY THIS IS THE END OF MY WATTPAD ACCOUNT.  i wont be deleting, but i wont be updating or finishing any of these stories. i love all of you, thank you!!!!!! <3 <3 you guys were some of the best people in my life for a long time.
meliamarie posted a message to finnickfan
hey babe, idk if you still go on here or not but i was wondering if you were ever going to finish Avalon?? love your stories and hope you are doing well :)