Vhythrarc, the Supreme Being of Eldritch Forces & Forbidden Knowledge, is a profound cosmic entity, originating from(and ruling over) a realm known as the Void, or sometimes referred to as The Deep Dark. He is the singular source of the creation and mastery of eldritch forces, which previously did not exist in the cosmos. This unique dominion over eldritch forces manifests as a vital aspect of his existence.
With captivating blue eyes and a well-groomed, earthly appearance, Vhythrarc stands at an approximate height of 6 feet. His lean, athletic build mirrors the power and elegance inherent in his character.
The core of Vhythrarc's persona resides within the pursuit and guardianship of forbidden knowledge. This knowledge not only sets him apart in the cosmic hierarchy but serves as the foundation of his cosmic manipulations. His cosmic intellect, nearly unparalleled, drives his enigmatic actions and adds to his aura of unpredictability.
Though Vhythrarc is an entity of immense knowledge and wisdom, his personality is intertwined with a sadistic streak, which amplifies his capacity to inspire fear and suffering. This character trait contributes to his title as the most powerful horror to ever exist.
Vhythrarc's origins remain shrouded in mystery, as he has no known parents, and his existence appears to be a timeless enigma. His domain, The Void, is the birthplace and home to the eldritch beings and creatures he has created. The Void is layered, with the innermost layer embodying the most extreme aspects of eldritch malevolence.
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