cenobyte is awesome. That's all you really need to know. Carry on. Still here? Okay. Fine. cenobyte is a writer and editor living in Saskatchewan, Canada, in the most beautiful and breathtaking valley in the world. cenobyte is fortunate to have two absolutely brilliant children who rock her world, a geriatric cat and a Bad Cat, and a Wee Kitten, a Very Patient husband, and an entire posse of pretty amazing friends. She lives in a Really Old house with a Really Big Yard, and when she was seven, she announced to her Very Religious Friend's parents that she wanted to be a sex symbol when she grew up. You may be wondering, 'but what does cenobyte LIKE?' cenobyte likes reading. cenobyte likes writing. She even likes editing, and pointing out places where someone else's writing could be made even better. cenobyte is a huge fan of roleplaying games, live action roleplaying games (LARP), SF/fantasy/horror, poetry, puppies (PUPPIES!!!), knitting, playing music, and bellydance. These are all things cenobyte likes, and likes doing (well, she doesn't "do" puppies. That's just sick. Sicko). cenobyte writes customised biographies at request, and will also write your obituary for you; these things are always terrible to have to do at the last minute, particularly when you're dead. If you would like a biography or an obituary written for you, please contact her (c3n0byte at gmail dot com). Thanks for taking the time to read All About cenobyte.
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Eight Miles Gone by cenobyte
Eight Miles Gone
When street-tough lawyer Jack Main asks Private Detective Lem Miller to help find a missing person, Lem's fir...
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