Hey everyone!
I'm Bethany, I'm 18 from England.
Never really travelled anywhere so most of the things I write about are in England or Scotland :)
I study English Language and English Literature at college and hope to study creative writing at University :) So get in touch and whatever, I hope you enjoy what I begin to write on here :)
I am obsessed with My Chemical Romance and they are my muse for my writing!
Also obsessed with the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen as they reek of awesomeness and girl power!
My friends think i'm weird because while they're out partying I'd rather sit at home with my pyjama's on with a cup of tea either reading or writing but it doesn't bother me, they love my weirdness really :P I have a twin sister who is more like one of my best friends, we do everything together and we're identical, she's on Wattpad so please, if you don't fan me then fan her @MeganCrashJohnson :) I also have my best friend who is more like my sister (Me, Meg and her are really close, we should just be triplets :P) and she is also on Wattpad so please again fan her @JasmineHazlehurst :)

I have a seperate account @InBetweenThePages and a website http://inbetweenthepages.weebly.com and a facebook page http://www.facebook.com/InBetweenThePages where me and my friends interview different writers and review their books, check it out! :D

"Books are scarier and more thrilling and intriguing than films will ever be, and why? Because with books you have to use your imagination which is a really scary thing if you get in too deep."- I thought of this one day and then I knew I wanted to be a writer.

My goals on here:
[x] 100 reads
[x] 500 reads
[x] 750 reads
[x] 1000 reads
[ ] 3000 reads
[ ] 5000 reads
[ ] 10,000 reads

[x] 10 votes
[x] 30 votes
[x] 50 votes
[x] 100 votes
[ ] 200 votes
[ ] 500 votes
[ ] 1000 votes

[x] 10 fans
[x] 20 fans
[x] 30 fans
[x] 50 fans
[ ] 100 fans

Please help me achieve all my goals?! :D love you
<3 <3
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@LunaLola Hey! No problem! :D
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