The Beautiful Brave One

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Bethany Johnson By bethybomb95 Updated 4 years ago
“Promise me that if anything happens you will stay here with Aoife.”
    “It’s too dangerous Caoimhe.”
    “I trust you.”
    Eighteen-year-old Caoimhe Noelle’s town was slaughtered before her very eyes, including all her family. Kidnapped by the man who ordered this to happen she realises what he wants and she makes sure he doesn’t get it. When Peter Cavanagh rescues her she realises that the world she was so used to may not be the one she belongs to. Is she brave enough to get revenge for her family's death? Can she do it without losing her heart and becoming cursed?
Ok, now I'm crying. That poor girl! :( I feel so bad for her! Mostly the little boy though. He had nothing to die for! Your writing makes me think it's real and that I'm either watching whats happening or I'm the girl. Your such a good writer! But write something more happy sometime please.
I'm on the first page and it's making me teary eyed. :'( I love how you write. :)
WoW girl this is so gooood!! I just want to keep going its... BEAUTIFUL<3
Whoa! I love this! You really have a nice voice to your writing! :D