hi everyone! 

for all of you guys who have stuck with me even though i haven't shown up in such a long time, thanks! for everyone new, welcome!

my sincerest apologies for not updating earlier. i have millions of excuses, but it really just boiled down to crappy time management on my part and being swept up into college life.

probably the most relevant issue: chasing fire (peeta's story part 2)

i'm sorry for disappointing, but i will probably not be updating for awhile. i have to reread the series to get acquainted with everything again, and then i also have to rebuy catching fire because my sister lost it haha. no promises on whether or not i will finish it, but i will try my best to at least update it a few times this summer. in the meantime, i suggest you check out some other fan fics- i heard there's some great ones out there!

sorry again guys! love ya x.x

another thing that might be relevant: i love all of you and i wish i could have time to read your books, but as it stands, i barely have time to even write my stories now. i apologize for not getting to read and review your works!

ps if anyone here plays league or dawngate or blizzard games, PM me your in game name! i'd love to play with you ;)
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The Mirror of Erised

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Description: Just a series (hopefully) of one-shots about people's encounters with the Mirror of Erised. Sometimes their deepest, darkest desires aren't so surprising, but at other times...? I'm setting this story as "Completed" because every one-shot can be rea...


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To Hell and Back

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Peeta's Story: Chasing Fire

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Albus Potter: Year One (on hold)

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tosiaaltman posted a message to amandagrace
Hi this is going to sound realy weird but I was wondering, you know your book the mirror of erised could you do George's story about it because I've always wondered what he would say an you are a great writer!! But if you don't want to I understand as the book is completed