Once upon a time, two best friends realized they had come up short in the year of 2010. To prevent any more short-comings, the girls decided to be productive and make their dreams become realities. We promise to upload videos documenting our progress, and write some of our thoughts here on Wattpad.

11 Goals For 2011:
1) Make a short-film version of The Hunger Games
2) Write a TV show pilot
3) Write (and complete!) a book
4) Get an audition
5) Write a song
6) Piano lessons for Abby, voice lessons for Amanda
7) Have a bunch of epic photoshoots
8) Write a short film
9) Create a short film
10) Meet somebody in the industry
11) Create a documentary of everything that happens

hey! amanda here. if you don't already know me from my other wattpad, i'm a sophomore with senioritis who loves quoting songs, being crazy, and inserting disney allusions into daily life. needless to say, some might call me crazy, but i prefer the word 'quirky' or 'unique'. it rolls off the tongue much better. i am a pianist, a dancer, a sleeper, an eater, and a harry potter/hunger games fangirl. fell free to call me whatever you like, i go by amanda or mandy, but you can be a freakzoid like abby (jk) and call me manderz, just don't insult me... yep. xox

Hi, I'm Abby. I'm a 15 year old choir nerd with a passion for fashion. My house has a pool, so I'm most often found on a pool raft in my backyard. When I'm not sun bathing, I like to talk too loudly, dance like a maniac, sing at the top of my lungs, read everything I can get my hands on, write out my thoughts, produce videos, do arts & crafts, & try not to fail at the instruments I play. I am a dreamer, as an aspiring actor/singer, I'm determined to make my dreams come true somehow. I'm always listening to music, Vanilla Lattes at Starbucks are the best, my favorite color is blue, I have strange obsession with dreamcatchers, sushi is my fave, & I love learning raps in popular songs just to surprise people. Th-th-th-that's all, folks!
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Hey guys, today is day one of our 365 project. I wonder if we're going to get anything done today...
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